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We are always accepting submissions for weddings, bridals, formals, engagements, proposals, and anniversaries.  If you have something that is inspiring and fresh, modern or timeless, and shows joyful, true moments please fill out the form below to begin the submission process. 

•Submission need to be in gallery form; 
  ex. pixieset, pictime, instaproofs etc.
•No more than 50 images per gallery.
•Exclusivity to MR. (see note below)
•Coloring in your images should flow or compliment with our aesthetic.
•Style needs to blend with what MR is publishing.
•Your gallery should have something unique or different that would inspire an MR bride.
•If you shoot multiple formats: YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for formatting all images to be the same ratio (medium/large format need to be sized to 4x6 ratio) otherwise your submission may be denied.



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We love sharing your ideas and talents!
Please allow us 14 days to review your submission and get back with you!


Thank you!


1. When will I hear if my submission is accepted?

Your submission will be processed and accepted within 14 business days. If you have not heard back after 14 days, please feel free to follow up in case your original submission did not get processed. If your feature is accepted we will be requesting additional information about the feature and once that is received you will be notified of your publication date.

2. What should I do if my work is not accepted?

We cannot accept ALL submissions simply due to the sheer volume of submissions in relation to our posting schedule.  ALWAYS make sure your images match our mood and esthetic and share something with us YOU think will inspire our audience.  We ask that you don't get discouraged if your submission is denied!  Each submission that is denied will receive an email with an explanation as to why it was not selected in order to help your process with submissions.  Again, sometimes it does just come down to timing.  We invite you and encourage you to send new submission material anytime you have it!  

3. Will you feature my work if it has already been published?

If it has been published or posted on any local site then the answer is no. If the work you're submitting has been featured on a national blog AND has been 6 months since the post, then you mayresubmit to us.

4. What is next if my submission is accepted?

Once a submission is accepted, you will be notified and then directed to an addition page of information we will need you to fill out.  Be prepared with information like location, vendors, and possible story.