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Why Choosing The Right DJ Can Make or Break Your Reception

This article was written by Jordan Nelson, owner of SLC Mobile DJ in Salt Lake City

            Think of the last wedding you went to – what do you remember?

When planning a wedding, one of the most important investments you can make in your celebration is the right DJ. The entertainment you choose will be the difference between a boring and average experience to a (most importantly) unforgettable party and reception. A well-trained and experienced DJ can take stress off the couple and their family and completely alter the atmosphere of the evening allowing them to enjoy themselves and leaving people saying “Wow, their wedding was unlike any that I’ve ever been to before!”


A DJ should be experienced and educated.  Picking a DJ that does weddings “as a hobby” or is really cheap because “he’s new to doing weddings” is a risk you don’t want to make. Anyone can play a song on a laptop, but a DJ should know how to mix his music in a way that keeps the energy flowing without pauses or breaks. There are likewise many people who can make an announcement on a microphone, but a DJ should have training as a public speaker that allows them to control the energy and emotion of the room smoothly. Look, I was a young DJ at one point too, but learning the trade on the most important day of a bride’s life is NOT the way to get experience – there are plenty of other opportunities for DJs to get training and become masters BEFORE your big day, so make sure they have experience.

Don’t be afraid to ask potential DJs what sets them apart from the (literally) dozens of other DJs in the market! If they can’t answer that question confidently with something more substantial than “Oh, well I have such and such light,” then move on!

Like any other vendor you choose for your wedding, your first priority is finding one with a personality you enjoy. A good DJ will become intimately familiar with you and your fiancé’s personalities, your story, and the details of the most important day of your life. It should be common sense that they should be someone you enjoy being around and whom you trust holding a microphone in front of your closest family and friends. Do your homework and read reviews before you decide to book a DJ. Anyone can say anything about their own company, true or not, so you should definitely spend the time to examine their work thoroughly before you make such a large financial decision.

Quality Masters of Ceremony and DJs vary in price from $1,200 to $1,500.

Hopefully, these tips will help get you started in choosing the host for your wedding celebration. It may seem overwhelming, but once you’ve found a professional to handle your big day, the vast majority of your stress will melt away. Knowing that your music, timeline, and reception transitions are in the hands of someone who has done it (in my case) hundreds of times will allow you to enjoy your reception to the fullest.

If you have any more questions about choosing a DJ, or would like to know more about how your reception can become unforgettable, feel free to email me at


Choosing the Right DJ

June 25, 2019